Movie Makers in the Making

Latest CIC in partnership with Job Centre and with East Sussex College run the Diploma In Streaming Technologies in Newhaven, here one of the recent students talks about the experience.

On the 18th of April ten students enrolled onto a course run by Latest TV to learn how to make short films to be aired and streamed on Latest TV.

The students came with a range of experience in TV production from none to professional experience and included a former DJ with recording studio experience an artist and photography enthusiasts.

Each student was tasked with creating a short piece on a topic of their own choosing.

You could almost hear the creative brains churning over as the ideas that each student imagined for their films began to come to life.

My own piece was on disability sports which aims to show the range of sports now accessible to disabled people, my chosen sport being target rifle shooting, which took me as far as the Paralympic Pathway team. Other topics chosen by my classmates included Buddhism, food, an artist painting a boat in Newhaven and walking football.

Now the challenges really began!

Finding locations, contacting individuals or organisations to arrange visits or interviews, or to obtain permissions to film if necessary.

Once interviews were completed and filming was wrapped up, post-production began in earnest which meant learning to use professional standard editing software.

Cutting, copying, adding music and photos, inserting graphics-the process seemed endless and complex but the results made all the sweat and tears worth it. From novices to film makers in six weeks!

In partnership with the Job Centre and East Sussex College , Latest Group CIC runs a Diploma in Streaming Technologies programme, transferring the skills of creating and streaming high quality features.  The SWAP programme – 4 days per week for 6 weeks enables Universal Credit claimants to still receive their benefits while training. Many now have paid work as a result of attending the programme. 

Anyone interested can get more info by emailing

Words by Pete Moffat

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