What future for the Labour party in Brighton and Hove?

With the Labour Party split over whether Jeremy Corbyn should remain leader, Latest TV’s Frank le Duc sits down with Greg Hadfield, the newly elected secretary of the local party, to discuss how Labour moves forward from here.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I am very upset that false reports are appearing in the national and local press about the Labour Party.
    In particular it is being reported that at the Brighton Hove and District Labour Party AGM there were unpleasant incidents. I was at that AGM and all I saw and heard were sincere and ordinary Labour Party members behaving respectfully. Yes, officers were chosen who support the elected leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn but what’s wrong with that in a democratic party? I saw NO intimidation. All I saw were orderly queues and polite behaviour. I attended the first sitting of three. There were good short speeches given by the candidates for officer posts about what they wanted to do for Brighton Hove and District. As a grandmother and long-standing Labour supporter I object to being branded as some sort of “spitting” (yes that is what is being reported) extremist.
    Let us all respect each others’ views and act in a comradely manner. 

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