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Boat Painting

Movie Makers in the Making

- 25 May 2023

Latest CIC in partnership with Job Centre and with East Sussex College run the Diploma...

New art market, The Brighton Bazaar, showcases local artists at The Friends’ Meeting House!

- 20 April 2023

Brighton has always been a hub for creativity, attracting artists from all over the world...

latest TV news

Mike Mendoza speaks to Rabbi Pesach Efune

- 28 March 2023

Latest TV with the news in your area hosted by Mike Mendoza. Today a Passover...

Stephanie Prior and Nisanka Wickramarachchi

The Vote with Stephanie Prior – Nisanka Wickramarachchi, Life Coach

- 23 November 2022

Nisanka is a Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and Holistic Practitioner who specialises in helping parents...

Bert and Shirley Williams nowadays.

£4 million tech prize offers new hope to people living with dementia in Sussex

- 3 October 2022

A Brighton carer has welcomed a new multi-million pound competition to find technology that supports...


CoderDojo Brighton need our help!

- 16 September 2022

CoderDojo Brighton is hoping to start its 10th year in the next few weeks, but...


Latest TV’s LGBTQ+ News is Back!

- 15 September 2022

LATEST TV LGBTQUI+ NEWS IS BACK Latest TV’s Andrew Kay returns with weekly reports of...


- 7 September 2022

The appeal of theatre is wide, sometimes to simply entertain, sometimes to mystify or shock,...

Lord Lucan

Lord Lucan, with yet another twist in the tale

- 4 August 2022

Since a frosty November morning in 1974,the unsolved mystery of Lord Lucan is one which...

Anita Roddick

The Life of Anita Roddick

- 3 August 2022

Businesswoman, Entrepreneur,  Animal and Human Rights Activist.  Let’s start with the quirky and finish with...

Martha Gunn

Martha Gunn ‘Queen of The Dippers’

- 1 August 2022

Visitors to Brighton Museum often find themselves stopping by the stairs in front of a portrait of...

Watch this space

Award Winning Inclusion Consultancy Watch This Sp_ce Speak to Stephanie Prior!

- 28 July 2022

Watch This Sp_ce are a inclusion consultancy with the mission of helping organisations re-imagine the...