Latest TV is committed to working with education providers to deliver top class television training. We do this in a variety of ways and can develop tailored packages for your college or school.

For more information about any of these courses and packages, please contact

Brighton Digital Media Academy

Partnered with the Aldridge Foundation, Latest TV was the co-founder member of the Brighton Digitial Media Academy, which delivers digital media training to 14-19 year old students.

Based at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy and Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, the BDMA works with industry tutors for students to learn work skills alongside the intensive media training. Qualified tutors from Latest TV deliver training in filmmaking, editing, post-production and journalism skills.

Brighton Television Studio Visit

1 hour studio visit, which includes a talk about Local TV and gives everyone the opportunity to try presenting in front of the green screen studio. Pupils are given the opportunity to present the news they have written (or our news on the autocue). They see how TV works, looking at the gallery and tricaster which operates the green screen studio.

Our crew can also answer questions about microphones, cameras and lighting; and how various programmes are made.

News and television production workshops

We provide workshop for a range of schools and colleges including language schools

We offer 3 hour workshops for groups of 20 students (if there are many more, we can offer day long workshops – with 20 students in the morning 9am-12pm and 20 in the afternoon 2pm- 5pm)

We work with the students to research, write and present the news and our technical and presenting crew show the students how to operate an autocue and present the news.

We can work with the teachers so there is preparation work done beforehand, and students can bring their scripts and news images and videos to put on the news.

Students can choose to write and read about local, national or international news, current affairs, sports, music and what’s on, food & drink, or research and read the weather.

Here is an example of a workshop with a group of Italian students from EC Language School (their news programme produced in 3 hours)

Specific Technical Training

We can provide camera, editing, sound engineering and tricaster training as required with our experienced team and can tailor this training to individual days / weeks as required. Apply to for more information.

Educational packages

This is a mix of advertising and marketing for a school or college (eg for recruitment to courses or a promotional video about the school in general).

Our TV Channel, Latest TV reaches 400,000 people in the Brighton, Hove, Worthing and South Chichester areas and we have 108,000 regular weekly viewers. (Monitored by BARB)

Our weekly city magazine, Latest Homes and Latest 7 reaches 100,000 people in print and online in Brighton & Greater Brighton area.
We have 65,000 followers on facebook and twitter on our latest accounts.
And highlights what’s on our TV, magazine and venue.

We can tailor a package (from 3 months to 1 year) that suits your budget, and includes television production training for the students.

Broadcast of student films on Latest Brighton TV

We also broadcast films and videos made by students on the channel on a variety of programmes such as You Make It We Show It, a showcase programme showing animations, music videos, and short films produced by young people.

We are a small local business that operates a 24/7 TV channel as part of the Local TV network. We also produce news, sports and regular programmes for BBC and BBC iplayer.

We employ apprentices as well as experienced broadcasters and many on our team have experience in training. We hold weekly classes at BACA and PACA in camera and editing work as well as general digital media. You can obtain references from Itziar Leighton or Fiona Adams based at BACA (Brighton Aldridge Community Academy).