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West Sussex News with Mike Mendoza

- March 29, 2022

Welcome to West Sussex News, Latest TV’s Mike Mendoza takes us through the latest updates...

Bob Smytherman

Bob Smytherman – 20 years as a Councillor

- January 20, 2022

Latest TV Presenter, Mike Mendoza chats to Bob Smytherman, retired Liberal Democrat Councillor and Former...

Worthing Parking and Cycle Lanes Update!

- October 13, 2020

Latest TV Presenter, Mike Mendoza, is joined by the Liberal Democrat Councillor, Bob Smytherman, as...

Latest TV Speaks to Councillor Bob Smytherman in Worthing

- July 18, 2020

Latest TV Presenter, Mike Mendoza, speaks to the West Sussex County Councillor, Bob Smytherman, in...

Lockdown Exclusive – Save Our (Music) Venues Campaign, Featuring Musician, Paul Diello

- May 22, 2020

Latest TV News Special featuring the Save Our (Music) Venues campaigner, Paul Diello, and an...