Brighton and Hove

Days of Wonder awarded Heritage Fund grant to celebrate the magic of early cinema in Brighton & Hove and Shoreham

- 9 November 2023

This three-year project, supported by £177,000 from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, will explore Brighton...


- 20 September 2023

Mike Mendoza talks with the leader of Brighton & Hove City Council (Labour), Bella Sankey.

Bunker Housing

Bringing Affordable Housing to Brighton and Hove!

- 12 July 2022

Brighton & Hove – Bunker Housing Co-operative is running a fundraising campaign to bring more...

Sussex Prep Kitchen

- 27 July 2021

Sussex Prep Kitchen is one of the few affordable shared kitchen space the city, very...

AOH Awards 2021

- 20 July 2021

It’s the end of the Artists Open Houses Summer 2021 and as is customary Latest...

Secret Garden openings 2021

- 6 July 2021

The Trustees of the Secret Garden, look forward to welcoming you back this summer to...

Fringe 2021 Day One

- 1 June 2021

Brighton Fringe 2021 couldn’t have a better start. The Sun is shining upon the mighty...

BHT Bike it Brighton

- 1 June 2021

After over a year of pandemic, fundraising events are never been so essential for charities....

Health and Wellbeing Coaches

- 1 June 2021

Post pandemic anxiety and stress? Respect your Health from the inside out one of the...

Hippodrome public consultations

- 25 May 2021

If you ever wonder what hides behind the doors of the Hippodrome in Brighton, now...

Wriggle Relaunch

- 11 May 2021

To help reduce the levels of plastic pollution caused by the food and drink industry...

Paul Diello Vitriol News

- 9 May 2021

William Ranieri had the pleasure to direct the new music video of the talented Brighton...