Conservative Party Candidate Joe Miller talks about the forthcoming UK General Election

- November 6, 2019

The Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, Joe Miller spoke to Mark...

Check out football in Peacehaven

- August 20, 2019

Sid Killock visit’s his local football club, Peacehaven and Telscombe to find out about their...

Who is Miss Sussex 2019?

- July 11, 2019

A bus driving instructor who used to be too shy to speak to people has...

What is the future of Peacehaven School?

- July 2, 2019

Teachers walked out on strike in a row over an academy trust taking over their...

Kemptown MP slams government for ‘Draconian’ funding cuts

- August 17, 2017

Kemptown MP Lloyd Russel Moyle has slammed the government for draconian cuts to police services...

crime map

Peacehaven residents’ night terror

- August 10, 2017

Peacehaven residents voice their concerns over the rising crime in the area.

Peacehaven residents call for more GPs

- August 9, 2017

We hear from residents and focus group members of Peacehaven about one of those crucial...

Peacehaven Residents Demand Extensive Planning

- August 3, 2017

Many of the towns which surround Brighton and Hove are facing fast changes. New houses...