Tuesday, August 11

Brighton lights – Episode 5: Caroline Lucas MP, Paddle Round The Pier and Tate Modern of Brighton

- July 20, 2010

Caroline Lucas made history when she was elected as the first Green Party MP. Now, in a comprehensive interview with Bill Smith at The Long Man of Wilmington in Patcham, she talks about climate change, the cuts, BP, the big issues nationally and locally — including academies and the football stadium — and what she loves about Brighton. And you will definitely want to hear how near she was or wasn’t to being Minister of Defence in a progressive Labour-led government! That plus all the fun of Paddle Round The Pier and how a trendy Brighton bar, Madame Geisha, has become the Tate Modern of Brighton with the art of Jamie ‘Sex Pistols’ Reid and Goldie. Presented by Val Aviv, Brighton Lights is the TV show all about Brighton. Thanks to the thousands of you who watched the last edition, it’s getting as popular as this magazine!

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