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I Shall Not Hate

- June 2, 2011

Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish is the most inspiring and remarkable person I have ever witnessed speaking. In an honest interview with Simon Fanshawe, Dr Abuelaish spoke articulately and truthfully about his experiences, and how he believed that Palestine and Israel could find a resolution. Dr Abuelaish is many things: a Palestinian, a doctor, a man who has been determinedly trying to build “a bridge between the two states, not a wall.” A man mentioned as a symbol of hope for the two states in President Obama’s speech and who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; a man who has suffered unimaginable loss: the loss of three daughters and a niece in an Israeli rocket attack, an attack which was broadcast live on Israeli TV and then internationally, minutes after his children’s death. But most importantly, he is a man who refuses, regardless, to hate. In all honesty, the words powerful and inspiring don’t even come close.

28 May, Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome

Ratings: Rating: ★★★★★
Laura Hayward

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