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Mad Matt

- September 27, 2011

Matt Whistler’s Facebook sentence game

The sentence game has been like taking every psyche and placing it into a quick fire tumble dryer in full vibrational throttle. To think of a response that hopefully resonates with the other cyber observers and then type it out and beat other crazies with more wit, charm, smut, filth and randomosities, is the ultimate challenge of my game.

Conceiving the sentence game was more of a shared experience than announcing that my gran used to call me after her poodle Sophie. Senility equals integrity in a comedic vein, but shared esoteric communication has a longer shelf life and every now and then produces a golden nugget.
Its official! Sentence games on Facebook have now gone ballistic. I now contribute to 37 sentence games on different Facebook profiles (how sad am I)… It was only a crazy idea, to see it go nuts on the net is natty. So here are some of my personal favourites generated by an international smattering of word geniuses and thank you to everyone who willingly devoted a silly five minutes on my wall. So here goes:

Today I had a boiled sweet and… (Jason J Jeffries) quite enjoyed the sensation but (Peter Chapman) a chunk got caught in my throat (Rob Lawrie) and projectile vomited it over a… (Daniel Hill) I remembered The New Reclaimers was on tonight at 10pm with another amazing makeover I knew I couldn’t miss it – (Pete Plumb) everyone wanted to have their own potato! (Chris Tudball) seagull that was sitting next to me, eating a McDonald’s (Tim Burchell) kilt! Hamish was less than pleased and felt a vicious draught going right up (Sascha Cooper) his backside which just happened at that point to decide to (Chris Tudball) play bingo at the old folks’ home with (Chris Boland) my new bingo wings hanging out of my sleeves which got caught on (Chris Tudball) Margaret’s handbag, which fell over and out rolled her (Dan Robinson) rabbit.

(Emma Burton) Embarrassed she quickly picked it up only to press the on button and it vibrated all the way up to her (Dan Robinson) rabbit hole, she quickly chased after it (Emma Burton) and found herself in a quantum universe so she (Tim Burchell) licked her fingers, straightened her hair and shot up to Papillon De Nuit switch gear and propulsed herself into (Chris Tudball) claim her bingo winnings… Bingo! (Tim Burchell) She had won. However, the doors blew open and blew a gust of wind up her skirt. It was clear to see, that in fact, she had two and they were growing in size. Feeling over-exposed, she quickly grabbed a set of dumbbells and placed them in her handbag…

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