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Stage: Chocks Away

- October 4, 2011

Latest 7’s very own Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon’s acclaimed adventure Those Magnificent Men goes to Eastbourne

Written by the critically acclaimed duo Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon (aka The Cheeky Boys) and presented by the celebrated New Perspectives Theatre Company this 90-minute thrill ride is suitable for all ages, so take your seats and get ready for take off!

Those Magnificent Men is the incredible true story of the first non-stop transatlantic flight. This heart warming, and at times heart stopping, story of heroism and hilarity comes to Eastbourne as part of a national tour and tells the inspiring story of Captain John Alcock, a dashing World War One fighter pilot, and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown.

In 1913, The Daily Mail offered a £10,000 prize for the first aircraft to make a continuous flight from anywhere in Canada, America or Newfoundland to the UK or Ireland in 72 hours or less. A pair of plucky British pioneers took up this challenge: Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown, a navigational genius with a gammy leg, huddled together against the elements in the tiny timber and canvas cockpit of their converted Vickers Vimy biplane – talk about winging it!

This daredevil duo epitomised the adventuring spirit of the age, but will they make it? Have they enough fuel for the journey? How are they going to clear the build-up of ice on the engine air intakes and navigate through a snow storm?

Jump on board for a fast and furious comic tour-de-force in a race to conquer the skies over the Atlantic. Thrill at the adventuring spirit of these unlikely heroes, marvel at their daredevil aerial antics, and wonder at how the whole bally thing is told with just two actors and a crateful of funny props.

Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, Tues 25–Thu 27 October, 7pm, £12
01323 412000,

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