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Axis Of Awesome

- November 22, 2011

Axis Of Awesome are quite the internet phenomenon, with their massively successful YouTube hit ‘Four Chords’ attributed to filling the entire downstairs at Komedia (and closing the set to an appreciative crowd); it was quietly satisfying to find they were no one-trick comedic musical ponies. Opening with stadium prog rock, shaking their thangs in a tightly melodic boy band pastiche and simply embracing the absurd with their favourite, ‘Birdplane’, the versatility was great fun. At times a little too reminiscent of their fellow Antipodeans Flight Of The Conchords, specifically with the breathy ‘Sexual Harassment’, the set was over too fast despite the entertaining filler banter. These guys have a good show, a fun journey, but never quite reached the crescendo their joint talent musically and comedically promises.

Komedia, 21 November 2011
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Victoria Nangle

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