Thursday, July 9

The Bootleg Beatles

- December 5, 2011

Note perfect renditions of songs from the Beatles’ canon coupled with spot-on vocals instantly create the illusion that it really is the Fab Four up on stage. It’s odd, a little unsettling but utterly thrilling too – a show which never degenerates into pastiche; any element of side-show freakery is happily absent. It’s all about the music – and what music. These guys know the material inside out and they play with such joy and enthusiasm that it’s impossible not to be swept along. The waves of pure pleasure emanating from the audience were a thing to behold. More than a few nostalgic tears were shed. Utterly fabulous.

Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, 4 December 2011

Rating: Rating: ★★★★★
Gary Mepsted

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