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Rory McLeod & the Familiar Strangers

- December 7, 2011

A burst of harmonica from the audience heralded the start of a lengthy performance from Rory McLeod this evening. Keeping the beat with his feet, McLeod juggled guitar, trombone, spoons and vocals, while his harmonica mimicked butterflies, phones and sirens. Some of McLeod’s rambling introductions felt longer than his playful, political songs, but when he and his Familiar Strangers trio (on double bass, clarinet/sax and Colombian harp) hit their stride their blend of world folk styles was infectious. Even after two hours plus, it felt like the amiable McLeod was just warming up to play all the night through.

Komedia Studio Bar, 7 December 2011

Rating: Rating: ★★★☆☆
Stuart Huggett

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