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The Lemonheads

- December 14, 2011

Part of a grand American tradition of melodic alt-rock that includes the likes of Big Star and The Replacements, Evan Dando still looks largely the same as in his early 90s heyday – a striking look that helped to propel the band to the bigtime, along with his slacker celebrity and of course an ability to write melodic songs of quiet desperation. This tour is a celebration of perhaps their best album, It’s A Shame About Ray – the simple and tight (and loud) set up of bass, guitar and drums was a reminder that simplicity often works best. Simple in more ways than one as the band raced through umpteen songs with very little inter-song breaks or banter.

Concorde 2, 13 December 2011

Rating: [rating:4/5}
Jeff Hemmings

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