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Yoga through the ages

- January 4, 2012

Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts of Bikram Yoga Brighton says you’re never too old to change your lifestyle and discover the benefits of hot yoga

Is there an age limit to practising yoga? Not just when to start, but when to finish? Most babies are born to be natural yogis. As we age our flexibility reduces. This reduction in flexibility is usually due to increasing stiffness in the spine. So how do we make sure that we remain in good condition from birth to old age? The combined ages of our front cover models is 174. Almost every decade is present. Starting with a young teen of 13 going up to 30s, 40s and 50s. Can you tell who is in which decade?

The body beautiful is quite a task to maintain and not often taken seriously, till of course it starts to let us down. The real key is to maintain. Whatever your choice of exercise might be, exercise regularly and stretch as often as you can.
As winter gets colder your body can feel older and stiffer. Why let the winter blues settle in and stiffen your bones? Bikram Hot Yoga is hot and sweaty; you perform 26 postures and two breathing exercises over 90 minutes at 105 degrees, with 50 per cent humidity. Each class is the same, giving your body a chance to acclimatize to the heat and then to take your body and each and every one of your joints through its natural range of motion.

“Bikram Yoga Brighton bends over backwards so you can keep bending forwards”

Our joints take quite a lot of strain as we age, from falling out of trees when we are five to constant repetitive movement while performing sport, be it rugby, football or running. Aches and pains cause problems for all age groups from teenage years up. Most clients at Bikram Yoga Brighton suffer from back ache, sciatica and a range of other joint and muscular issues, which can be quite debilitating and annoyingly painful. With regular Bikram Yoga practice, yogis (both men and women) find that their aches and pains quickly dissipate and they feel so much better in a very short space of time. How? You may well ask. As you sweat in the heat, you detox, warm up the body as well as massaging your internal organs. Blood flow increases to all your major organs and your spine, which houses your central nervous system, from which your body’s major systems rely on to function. If your spine is misaligned crushed or damaged in any way, then your nervous system is compromised. Therefore, so are your organs, which will slowly decline.

Change the day you die by starting your body MOT/maintenance system now. Start Bikram Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga Brighton in Portslade for 30 consecutive days at £1 a day. Feel the buzz; there is not a moment to lose. Try the £30 special offer – a 30 day consecutive challenge to start the new year!

Bikram Yoga Brighton bends over backwards so you can keep bending forwards.

Bikram Yoga Brighton, Olugbenga House, 26–28 Franklin Road, Portslade BN41 1AF, 01273 420279,

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