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Fairytale wedding

- February 7, 2012

The perfect wedding is achievable, no matter which type of day you decide to make it

It’s one of the most important days in anyone’s life. A wedding day symbolises the start of a whole new adventure. A time when two sets of families are brought together in the union of two people who are in love. It should be a day of overwhelming happiness where countless memories are made, to be kept forever.

It should also be a day that stands out as being reflective of the couple and include all the things that the bride and groom desire. We’re all individuals with different tastes and preferences and so it’s only fitting that a wedding day should reflect this. As well as being a special day, it’s also an expensive day, with the average cost of a traditional wedding coming in at twenty thousand pounds. Working out a budget can be a valuable first step in visualising how the big day is going to be created. With all the time and money going into making it an unbelievably special day, brides and grooms to-be are bound to want perfection, and it’s easily achievable through lots of thorough preparation. So start early!

From working out a budget and putting together a guest list, to deciding on a venue and what to wear, so many decisions need to be made in the run up to a wedding. These decisions can shape the way the whole day comes together, and can ensure that the special day is unique and unforgettable.

All weddings are different and the heart of any wedding is arguably the venue in which it takes place. Brighton has numerous fantastic venues to please all tastes, whether you’re looking to have your special day in a fuss free and simple registry office, a lavish sea-front hotel or even the brand new football stadium, our guide should help to steer you in the direction of where you’d like your wedding to be.

We have a fashion special with alternative weddings in mind; after all different weddings need different outfit choices! If you’re going to be a guest at a wonderful winter wedding at the end of the year or if you’ve been lucky enough to get an invite to a beach holiday abroad, you may be wondering what on earth to wear but fear not, with our help you can find the perfect outfit.

Tradition often plays a major part in weddings, but how about breaking the mould in terms of the proposal? We’ve found a great website (, which urges girls to pop the question this Valentine’s Day and be one step closer to having the destination wedding they dream of. Why not be brave and take things into your own hands, it is a Leap Year after all!

Essential wedding checklist

Straight away

? Set your budget
? Pick a wedding date and venue
? Provisionally book venue
and reception
? Contact registrar to check
their availability
? Send out Save The Date cards
to friends and relatives

9–12 months to go

? Book photographer/video
? Book your toastmaster
? Book reception venue, caterers and music
? Plan and book the decoration
of the room
? Book your honeymoon
? Take out wedding insurance
? Book appointments to enter notice with Registrar Office, or meet priest/minister/rabbi
? Pay deposit to confirm venue
? Plan bride’s dress and menswear

6 months to go

? Draw up a guest list
? Book your transport
? Decide on your chief bridesmaid/best man
? Order stationery and table favours
? Choose outfits for bridesmaid, best man and ushers
? Purchase your wedding rings
? Choose your gift list company

3 months to go

? Visit reception venue to
decide on menu and wines
? Start a beauty routine
for skin and hair
? Choose a florist and
discuss requirements
? Check passports
? Book overnight hotel
if necessary
? Choose and order wedding cake
? Arrange Order Of Service
/music readings

2 months to go

? Send out invitations
? Send out list of local accommodation to guests
? Re-confirm all bookings
? Buy accessories: tiara, veil, lingerie, cufflinks and shoes
? Choose and order presents for your attendants
? Buy a guest book
? Book wedding day hair and make-up appointments

1 month to go

? Have final dress fitting
? Arrange stag/hen nights/weekends
? Give wedding party
a list of duties
? Chase up guests
who have not replied
? Confirm final number of
guests with caterers
? Pay registrars’ final fees
for ceremony
? Order travellers cheques/currency

1 week to go

? Contact registration staff
to finalise arrangements
? Call all bookings
and confirm times
? Pick up dress
? Ensure all hired garments
are collected in time
? Pack for honeymoon/first night
? Have final hair and
make-up practice

1 day to go

? Help to decorate the venue,
if necessary
? Have honeymoon luggage
sent to venue
? Relax and have an early night

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