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- April 3, 2012

Girls Gone Wild

…and I want so badly to be good

I am completely in love with Madonna’s new song – Girls Gone Wild. It’s exactly what we’ve been waiting for from her for years – classic Madonna. She is definitely is back to her best!

Love the lyrics, the poppy catchy tune and she looks AMAZING in the video, not sure I can look as good as that at 36, let alone 53! The video is very 90’s – a real nod to Vogue, though I think there will be some controversy that she is smoking in it – but it is Madonna and when doesn’t she like to provoke a bit of controversy.

The album MDNA is available to download from Midnight tonight! I almost feel the anticipation I felt when Like A Prayer was released – I remember queueing for it at WHSmith in 1989. It’s testament to Madonna that she still creates such a buzz 23 years later…

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