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Richard Hill looks at the ins and outs of bespoke storage throughout the home

- May 8, 2012


For fabulous free-standing or fitted clothes storage, ask the experts… We all spend time and money on clothes, shoes and accessories. But to make sure we look good, it’s important to invest in high quality storage and wardrobes – so that our clothes look their best, too. Richard Hill Interiors has been providing bespoke storage and furniture to Brighton and Hove since 1994. In that time, the company has transformed hundreds of people’s homes so that they look – and work – better for them.

Form and function
Fitted wardrobes work well in modern and period homes, so long as they are floor-to-ceiling and ‘disappear’ into the room. Although a fitted wardrobe makes a room smaller, it adds to the overall sense of space as everything can be put away. Richard has found that modular systems – allowing you to mix and match different types of storage in one unit – give the most flexibility.
“Think about the type of storage you need for your clothes and shoes, and what you use the most” Richard suggests, “and then aim for the best quality finish”.

Features like push-click or self-closing drawers, silent door closers, pull-out shoe racks and even fold-away beds, can be incorporated into a fitted wardrobe unit to help you maximise space. Textured glass or slick laminate finishes complete the look. Well-designed storage will also add value to your home.

Too much is never enough
Scrimping on wardrobe storage and finish, is a false economy. It doesn’t matter – what a room looks like how much money you saved (or spent), or how sustainable the materials are – if you still don’t have enough space. “Most people underestimate their wardrobe requirements. Decide what you want to store in your wardrobe before you design the space” says Richard. “Think about what you need now, and what you might need in two years’ time. Even if you think another unit or set of shelves isn’t necessary, I guarantee you’ll be using them in a year or so. Invest in the quality and the quantity of your wardrobe space now, and it’s an investment in looking good for years to come. “

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