Friday, January 21

Chap Hop Hoorah!

- May 9, 2012

The inimitable Mr B is a Brighton stalwart and one of the earliest proponents of Chap Hop (Hip Hop with better diction). Having been fans for many years, this was the first time we’d actually seen him live and we weren’t disappointed. The charismatic “Gentleman Rhymer” delighted the audience with several medleys covering the history of rap, acid house and the “Madchester” sound, whilst interspersing his own compositional classics such as ‘More Kissing in Porn Please, We’re British’ and ‘Hail the Chap’. But with a new CD out, ‘The Tweed Album’, there was a pleasantly surprising amount of new material in the show, riffing on Beatles’ later material.

The Komedia, 8 May 2012
Rating: ★★★★☆

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