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Ghost Walk Of The Lanes

- May 9, 2012

Based in the narrow passageways and tightly packed buildings of Brighton’s South Lanes, this captivating tour takes you on
a journey around the haunted old fishing settlement of Brighthelmstone.

Enthusiastic ghost hunter Rob Marks effortlessly made us believe that there was hardly one street or lane that did not have a spectral connection with the other side. His authentic Victorian clothing added to the spooky feel, and his bag full of ghoulish props, including a spine-chilling realistic shrunken head were unforgettable.

The walk included many frightening but gripping tales such as The Wandering Nun, and Whispering Spirit, an eerie story based on the Northern Lights pub, where footsteps can be heard lumbering from upstairs above the bar. Let’s just say Doctor Brighton’s, and the County Town Hall may also leave you with a chill.

The ghost walk of the Lanes not only transports you to a world of terrifying apparitions that you may never have considered before, but also helps tourists feel more familiar with the area.

Happy ghost hunting!

Meet outside The Druids Head, Tuesday 8 May 2012
Rating: ★★★★½
Niamh Canning

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