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LV Loves: The One With Peter Andre

- May 10, 2012

It’s no secret that I have a penchant for Mediterranean looking men. As mentioned in previous posts I was told by a psychic a few years ago that I would marry a man possibly from the med and possibly Greek; a man who is nice, not that tall and who has kids and an ex wife. Of course I jumped on this and kept a serious look out for anyone that fitted this description. We all found it amusing that a Greek was even mentioned in the reading especially as my love for George Michael has burned bright since the age of 14, though any romantic illusions about him faded many years ago ;).

In 2009 I wrote a post about Peter Andre splitting up with Katie and how he could potentially be the predicted Greek, obviously tongue firmly in cheek.

Almost three years to the day of writing that post I found myself being pulled into a tango style clinch with Peter Andre for real. I organised a shoot with Pete through work and because I always loved Pete on TV and probably found him more attractive than any other celebrity male I was quite excited at the prospect of working with him for the day. When you are about to meet someone in the public eye you like there is always an element of apprehension; I didn’t want to meet George Michael for years because I was so worried he wouldn’t live up to everything I had imagined him to be, luckily I was pleasantly surprised when I finally did meet him and although I didn’t know what to fully expect with Peter – the minute he walked into the room he lit up the place with his warm nature and despite going through some tough family times, he was cheerful and engaging with everyone.

Within minutes I was yapping with him about star signs, Greeks, Australia and of course George, and without realising had embarked on some premium style flirting, this was unavoidable as Peter is truly the most naturally flirtatious man I’ve ever met – yet he didn’t once stray from his professionalism and the job in hand. At one point he pulled me into a clinch to show me how he gets into character for his shows (not once but twice) and scolded me for not looking directly in to his eyes, when I did it was it was definitely a weak at the knees moment for me, despite my embarassment!

The cameras were rolling most of the time and the crew were so nice that you could easily forget they were there, which I did.

So now tomorrow night on Peter Andre’s ITV2 show, 1.3 million people may possibly witness me go weak at the knees for Pete and see me flirt like I’ve never flirted before whilst trying to be very professional! I am quite mortified by this as I am sure it all looked completely different as it does in my mind and I will probably just look like a school girl with a crush! I will be the one watching it hidden behind a cushion and praying that most of it ended up on the cutting room floor.

Ultimately the day was a success and every one went away happy (though I doubt quite as happy as me) and even though it’s highly likely that Pete isn’t my predicted Greek husband he will always be The Real Greek and the first man in a long time to get my heart racing at the speed of light.

All in a day’s work – DREAMY

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