Monday, August 2

Festival! 7

- May 12, 2012

Festival! 7 sees presenter Lynn Ruth Miller get a partner in her new comedy
double act. It’s Julian Caddy the new Fringe director who’s already
increased the ticket sales bigtime in a recession and given the Fringe
a posh street box office oh and let him tell you the punchline! Then
it’s House the curated art festival that is the partner festival treat of the Artists Open Houses. Judy Stevens tells all to our reporter Jenni
Davidson. Talking of art we check out one of Brighton ‘s best known
galleries, Julie Anne Gilburt’s JAG on the seafront. Two comic treats
make up the rest of our show, Marion Deprez’ The Bus Show set on a bus and Matt Willis-Jones Now! at The Lectern. Comedy for aliens Matt says.

So that’s one week gone! Bottoms up

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