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Festival! 16

- May 26, 2012

In Festival ! 16 Lynn Ruth Miller, who came to Brighton for a weekend gig and stayed to become the talk of the TV on Britain’s Got Talent and then the presenter of Festival! For Latest TV, goes walkabout in Brighton. Matt Whistler reckons the Fringe sells a lot of tickets but could do with more festival comedy and originality on the streets and so he provides some!

Adrian J Andrews best known for his ghost walks ( and what ghosts Brighton has got ) says Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe are now better than Edinburgh. Who are we to disagree. It’s certainly grown, we now have a children’s festival and Vanessa Bamba takes us to meet The Lost Prop guys at Hurly Burly. Theatre is now a massive part of the festival and at The Old Courtroom we see The Lost Lunch. Finally our reviewers’ recommendations. Paul Levy of Fringe Review chooses Christine Cooper’s The Battle Of The Trees. If you like Taliesin, Tolkein or trees go! Andrew Kay goes for War Sum Up and Michael Tippett’s King Priam at The Dome, Neil Bartlett at Theatre Royal and Major Jack Union’s Victorian Monster Hunting Tea at Hendrick’s. Vicky Nangle chooses Girl With Iron Claws and Lynn Ruth Miller’s own show Approaching 80 and that’s her age not the number of shows we’ve done although we are getting there!!

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