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Festival! 18 Gran Finale or Best Of Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe. Award Winners Special

- June 15, 2012

Festival! 18 or Gran Finale. Well our main man director William Ranieri is Italian and he named it! I’m Scottish so I prefer to call it Best Of Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe. Call an ochster an ochster us Scots say!

Presented as usual by Lynn Ruth Miller we concentrate on The Latest Festival and Fringe Awards sponsored by Parsons Son and Basley. Bill
Smith, that’s me, very much enjoyed interviewing all the winners and Guy Lloyd! Fringe Director Julian Caddy does his favourite sexy between the legs microphone trick, Nicky Hayden swears undying love for him without any swear words, breaking the habit of an awards lifetime! Berkoff’s East advertised as the show with the most c words ever proved to be f fantastic winning Best Theatre Show and I enjoyed interviewing Wayne and Andy – who played the female lead in East and does his/her favourite girly line from East. Have to say there were more glamorous women to put in front of our cameras and Cara Fraser from Cock and Tail Inn 2, Vicky Nangle and Zara Baker from The Latest, Melita Dennett from the BBC, Meesh Lediert from If I Ruled The World would all have been really at home on the red carpet if only we’d had one. Brian Mitchell and Charlie Allen had fun with my questions and James Turnbull won the outstanding contribution award. His venue The Warren put on 90 shows and he still looks fresher on camera than me! Heh but I can edit myself out. Well not true because this show was largely filmed and edited by Val Aviv. Awards shows are normally boring, and this isn’t. And that’s down to Val and Will and Lynn Ruth and Jeff Hemmings and unpretentiousness!! Is that a word? Sounds a bit pretentious. Cut!

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