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- June 19, 2012

Laser eye surgery has never been safer or more affordable at Eyesite Brighton

If you’ve ever considered laser eye surgery then now could be the time to find out more from Advanced Vision Care experts.

Is it true some people aren’t suitable for laser eye surgery?
“That was the case in the past but developments in vision correction treatment have come on in leaps and bounds. There are two non-laser treatments that are ideal for those who are not suitable for laser in which a miniature, permanent contact lens is inserted into the eye through a tiny incision. Each lens is tailor-made to correct a wide range of prescriptions. The results of these surgeries are outstanding and eliminating the development of cataracts in later life.”

Is there a way to cure both long and short sightedness?
“Yes, Clear Lens Exchange does what was previously impossible. This means an end to juggling two pairs of glasses or wearing varifocals. It is also suitable for the over-50 age group.”

Is it safe? Will it hurt? How long will it take before I get back to normal?
“It’s natural to be nervous about having such intricate surgery but there really is nothing to worry about, treatment is over within around half an hour. We use only the most advanced techniques that have been proved to be clinically safe and all our procedures are performed using anaesthetic drops so that you won’t feel a thing. Eyes are naturally fast to heal and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your vision as soon as you sit up in the operating theatre. Within a couple of days you can be back behind the wheel and operating as normal, just taking care not to rub your eyes for a short time.”

Just how good will my vision be afterwards?
“Amazing, it’s no exaggeration when our patients describe their experience of vision correction as “life-changing” – the results really are that outstanding. 100 per cent of our patients achieve driving standard eyesight, but 95 per cent of them go beyond that to achieve 20/20 vision. When you are short-sighted it’s hard to imagine being able to see everything in such razor-sharp detail and brilliant colours, but that is what you can expect.”

Do the effects wear off?
“No, the effects are permanent. The only change you may experience after having laser treatment is the eventual need for reading glasses that happens to the majority of people as they get older.”

Is age a factor?
“The minimum age for treatment is 21 to allow your eyes to stabilise but after that, there isn’t any upper age limit.”

What does it cost?
“We keep our prices affordable, fair and transparent, with no hidden extras.
To make our treatments accessible to all we have a range of zero per cent finance and deferred payment plans so you don’t have to wait to free yourself from glasses or contact lenses. No other vision correction clinic offers this convenient way to take advantage of the best possible treatment whilst remaining close to home in the care of your local optician.”

Harley Street surgeons will be coming to Eyesite Brighton on Thursday 28 June at 6.30pm, visit

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