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Review: Henning Wehn – Henning Knows Bestest Edinburgh Preview

- July 13, 2012

With that old myth that Germans just aren’t funny as a starting point, Teutonic… erm, titterer (sorry) Henning Wehn’s schtick was to pummel the audience with a barrage of self-deprecation and racial stereotyping with a twist. At first glance, the likeable Wehn came across as a one-trick pony, all old-fashioned jokes about the war, efficiency and sausages with a nod to modernity. Wehn’s real strength, though, was when his inner, morally repulsed, animal snarled, spitting some gleefully unrestrained bile at targets from Eddie Izzard and Jimmy Carr to charity shops and BBC sitcoms, lending a real edge to an otherwise too safe show.

Caroline of Brunswick, 12 July 2012
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Nick Aldwinckle

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