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7 – 13 August 2012

- August 8, 2012

ARIES {Mar 21–Apr 20}
A claustrophobic relationship can leave you frustrated, especially if you’re not given adequate recognition. Take a step back, you don’t really need approval and others don’t need your bullets. You have the power to make light of everything.

TAURUS {Apr 21–May 21}
You’re very torn between taking a risk, which could be deemed brave or stupid, and playing it safe, which could mean the beginning of the end. Remember that reality is what you make it: if you believe in the possibility of success being yours, then it will be.

GEMINI {May 22–June 21}
Your ruler Mercury moves into the highly energised and larger than life sign of Leo, which brings added charisma and charm to your daily encounters. If confidence is nine tenths of the magic, then you will not be short of magic.

CANCER {June 22–July 22}
Love can move you to unhealthy extremes, but you should sense a little light relief as Venus makes everything less intensely serious and more enjoyable. You may have to be tough on the inside now the pressure is on, just don’t lose your cool outwardly; it’s a long game.

LEO {July 23–Aug 22}
A secret admirer plays a big part in your destiny although you may not see them as much as either of your schedules will allow. You could keep a special place for them in your dreams. Negotiations are tough, but deals have both short and long term prospects.

VIRGO {Aug 23–Sep 22}
Getting what you want may feel like walking up a downward escalator, it seems tiring, pointless and frustrating. To take a rest and allow yourself to go with the flow may seem like you’re going backwards, but the tide will soon turn in your favour.

LIBRA {Sep 23–Oct 22}
We make our own luck to some extent and we also create some of our own misfortune. Sometimes when we want things so badly, we over-react to the little things that appear to stand in our way. Avoid seeing the negatives; it’ll help them vanish.

SCORPIO {Oct 23–Nov 21}
Our brains will keep processing new information no matter how radical. If a previous experience has left you a little embittered, it could be time to re-evaluate what you thought you knew and look upon life with renewed faith. The past does not equal the future.

SAGITTARIUS {Nov 22–Dec 20}
It has been said that our greatest teachers are our enemies, they help us to overcome challenges, they make us stronger and they help us become conscious of that which is unresolved in our psyche. If it weren’t for the competition, how could you be a winner?

CAPRICORN {Dec 21–Jan 19}
Love is transforming you in profound ways; it may be appropriate to show your appreciation by expressing deep affection. You may be seen as a stickler, but really you’re focused on the job, let the people around you know that you do care.

AQUARIUS {Jan 20–Feb 19}
You don’t need to exhibit lugubrious nonchalance about the world because one or two of your dreams are not rooted in reality and you’ve finally just realised that. Anything great that’s ever happened started out as a dream; reality is yet more exciting still.

PISCES {Feb 20–Mar 20}
Obligations don’t have to be an uphill treadmill, in actual fact, it’s more like a cascading snowball of joyous mayhem, or drama. Wear the right head and you can have a lot of fun. Finances alone can’t make you happy, only you can make you happy.

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