Monday, November 19

Duet For One

- October 16, 2012

In Tom Kempinski’s two hander we are reminded just how powerful a simple piece of writing for the theatre can be. Especially when actors of the calibre of William Gaunt and Haydn Gwynne are involved. Gaunt is masterfully reserved in his performance, exploring the silences with skill. Haydn Gwynne drills deep into the manifestation of depression. Her changes, exaggerated by an odd ‘estuary accent’ at the depths of her situation, are nonetheless beautifully handled and she is never anything short of captivating, every twitch, every discreet reference to encroaching paralysis is superbly realized. If only the crude set matched up to both actors’ skill and the superb, and timeless, writing.

Theatre Royal Brighton, 15 October 2012
Rating: ★★★★½
Andrew Kay

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