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Christina Toimela learns how you can heal yourself and learn to live

- March 26, 2013

How did you get to work for that person? How did you get to manage that project? How did you get that interview? How come you always meet people on trains? Simple. I just go and talk to people. Isn’t that how it works? No. For some people it takes a lot of effort to go and talk to other people. I learnt that from Bonnita who I originally met at the Foundations For Life workshop and would like to share her story about self-healing.

Bonnita has recently managed to overcome some of the limitations of ME, which she suffered for 20 years. ME is a chronic fatigue syndrome, a disability that limits your life. Symptoms are unpredictable and it’s a condition that isolates you from living a normal life. Bonnita describes the turbulence of ME: “Walking sometimes felt like treading mud uphill, weighed down with anchors round my ankles. Sometimes I just felt like the plug was pulled out of me and I needed to be in bed for 20 hours a day.”

In 2007 Bonnita attended a confidence-building course, which led into receiving complimentary therapies. She then went onto receiving qualifications in holistic therapies and is now looking forward to making most of the qualification and seeking to work in this field. I’ve never tried alternative therapy so I was intrigued. We agreed that I would try reflexology.

“Reflexology is a type of preventative maintenance”

We did this interview after my Reflexology experience that I can highly recommend. I was glad that my feet weren’t tickled and I found it interesting to feel in my body how Bonnita was moving from one reflex area to another. She also managed to sort my stiff shoulders out.Bonnita explains that Reflexology is a type of preventative maintenance.

It deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands, which corresponds the whole body. Reflexologists divide the body into ten equal vertical zones, five on the right and five on the left side of the body from head to toe. Stimulating any zone in the foot affects entire zone throughout the body. By working on the entire foot you are affecting the entire side of the body. Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply and helps bring the body into balance.

Attending self-development courses and listening to her own body have been the keys in Bonnita’s journey to self-healing and she is continuing to do so. Her regime includes: drinking water with PH drops and greens, alkaline rich food, body brushing, using The Balance Procedure, Ishayas meditation, positive self talk, The Art of Living breathing techniques, Loving Yourself Foundations for Life, Massage and Reflexology treatments.

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