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Horoscopes: 20 – 26 August 2013

- August 20, 2013

ARIES {Mar 21–Apr 20}
Friends might be surprisingly emotional now; sometimes it’s fine to be a councillor but don’t forget your own needs. You can make some fantastic inroads both romantically or creatively.

TAURUS {Apr 21–May 21}
With your ruling planet Venus in cool and elegant Libra maybe it’s time to get out there and impress an employer with your more creative approach. Dramatic events might seem disruptive over the Full Moon, but in fact it will propel you towards a safe haven.

GEMINI {May 22–June 21}
The full moon in Aquarius in your ninth house may mean that a fickle approach to a foreign or philosophical dilemma needs to be handled in a far more subtle and idealistic way. Allow your higher mind to kick in because there’s an answer out there.

CANCER {June 22–July 22}
At last you can get the perspective on Pluto’s devastating effect on all your partnership affairs. Regeneration is the key now that you’re cutting all the dead wood out of your life. Situations and relationships have a sell by date, face the facts and move on.

LEO {July 23–Aug 22}
The Full Moon illuminates partnerships and once again you are given another crack at the relationship whip, where all things out of balance are shaken hopefully into a better shape. The Sun has been helping you see the clarity in all matters bar finances, that will soon change.

VIRGO {Aug 23–Sep 22}
Your ability to be clear thinking and analytical pays dividends this month when a dispute with either a lover or employer taxes your patience. Try to see what’s behind all the upset, you might find that they’re just trying to get your attention.

LIBRA {Sep 23–Oct 22}
While you’re feeling romantic, partners could be exasperatingly contrary. Forget about giving them a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, it’s time to ignore all those jarring emails and keep your own council for a while.

SCORPIO {Oct 23–Nov 21}
You need to reconcile your professional life and your domestic situation, sure the spotlight has fallen on you and you want to make the most of all the attention, but just remember that home is where your heart is, especially around the full moon.

SAGITTARIUS {Nov 22–Dec 20}
An off colour remark could propel you into a world of misunderstanding, try to be a little more diplomatic if you’ve got an axe to grind. Looking for love? That someone could be a legal eagle or a fashionista and might be found at a social gathering.

CAPRICORN {Dec 21–Jan 19}
Of course the long turn vision is your major priority but with Jupiter being in your opposite sign, partners can do more than give you a few thrilling moments. Bask in the reflected sunlight of their warm and generous nature, don’t quell it with a heavy boot.

AQUARIUS {Jan 20–Feb 19}
Conceptually you might have got it all sussed in your usual cool and dispassionate manner but with the full moon in your sign, emotions are running a flood tide. It’s ok to give into the deluge. However dramatic partners seem you know their loyalty is absolute.

PISCES {Feb 20–Mar 20}
There’s no quick fix emotionally or professionally now. Neptune’s subtle vibrations are asking that you see things on a much deeper level. To clear your mind and let your intuition come into play listen to a favourite song and allow your inner voice to speak out.

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