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Horoscopes: 3 – 9 September 2013

- September 3, 2013

ARIES {Mar 21–Apr 20}
Where some relationships may have let you down recently, having been fraught with hard to resolve disputes of an emotional nature, you’ll be pleased with the change of vibe as your ruler Mars moves into the more favourable Leo.

TAURUS {Apr 21–May 21}
The new Moon in the fifth house of romance could be the start of something special, also boding well for creative projects that kick start this week. Take this opportunity to smooth over relationships at work.

GEMINI {May 22–June 21}
It’s hard to believe that your social life could step up a notch, but indeed it always can! There are no limits to where your mercurial curiosities could lead, as this week harbours a favourable change from upbeat Mars into the fun loving and dramatic sign of Leo.

CANCER {June 22–July 22}
When opportunity knocks, what will you do? Sometimes you are risking more when you risk nothing, or so the saying goes. Think in terms of a positive outcome as nothing will help you grow and see the world better than taking a leap into the unknown.

LEO {July 23–Aug 22}
You’ve definitely got your Mojo back now that Mars has made a bold move into your sign, bringing with him the courage and bravado of a warrior. Just remember that not every conversation needs to turn into an argument or a battle of wills.

VIRGO {Aug 23–Sep 22}
The new Moon in your sign is a springboard to reinvent yourself anew in preparation for what is essentially a new year for you after your birthday. Now is a great time to begin new projects as your energy is starting to pick up.

LIBRA {Sep 23–Oct 22}
What starts out today as a positive whirlwind of friendly camaraderie could tern competitive now that Mars is making his mark in your friendship zone. Take it all on the chin as it could help you get more done and be more motivated.

SCORPIO {Oct 23–Nov 21}
You’re going to be hard pushed not to take the lead now that the energy of the warrior Mars is magnanimous at the zenith of your chart in Leo. Who, if not you, can fight the good fight? Just remember that patience is a virtue worth having.

SAGITTARIUS {Nov 22–Dec 20}
With both the illuminating Sun and quick witted Mercury peaking at the highest point in your chart, you’re able to prove your worth and skills, making a good impression on all the right people. Love is now daring so you’d be right to look further afield.

CAPRICORN {Dec 21–Jan 19}
Partners may seem a little over the top but when interpreting the world via the avenue of their feelings, it’s never going to be neat and tidy. If you wish to help your partner to be at their best, you may need to show compassion and lend a caring ear. Being generous in your display of love.

AQUARIUS {Jan 20–Feb 19}
You’ve got a magnetism about you and can attract some rogish suiters. However, conflicts can arise especially in partnership if you spend too long putting yourself first. Partners may be fighting or competing for attention, you’ll have the most fun when including them in your plans.

PISCES {Feb 20–Mar 20}
The new Moon in your partnership zone implies a fresh start in relationship or indeed the dawn of a new collaboration. You’re best suited to doing the dogs work alone as the ego energies of Mars could pour gunpowder on the fire, fuelling unnecessary conflicts at work.

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