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Strange Factories

- November 12, 2013

Interactive cinema is becoming increasingly popular, it utilises the emotions generated by a 2D film and catapults it into a staged scenario where you become a jigsaw piece of the film. Fittingly, on a cold and wet night the Duke Of York’s Picturehouse became the home of ‘Strange Factories’. To mark the beginning of a rather odd evening one lone ballet dancer spun across the balcony. With suspense lingering in the air what then unfolded was something eerie, unsettling and somewhat puzzling. The actors involved did not fall out of character once and immersed us into something quite unexplainable. If you want to understand or be mind-boggled by Strange Factories you may have missed your chance but keep an eye out for further productions from Foolish People.

The Duke Of York’s Picturehouse, 10 November 2013
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Rachel Simm

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