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- December 9, 2013

What joy to find that pantomime is alive and living in London Road! Emporium’s festive offering is a jewel of a show to delight children and adults. A brilliant reworking of the story makes more sense than ever and manages to be funny without resorting to being lewd. Gary Blair’s costumes are stunning, especially the two transformations, and the simple set is cunningly designed. Nigel Fairs plays the Baron with total charm and for once gives the role some meat to work with – and as writer and lyricist of Cinders he deserves full marks. Kirstie Maginn is an utterly terrifying wicked stepmother and Natalie Sexton and Lucy Mapsted are hysterically good as the ugly sisters Initt and Tho. Robin Khur makes an excellent and fine-voiced prince, and both
Justine Martin as the older Cinders and Olivia Langford as young Cinders are excellent. James Weisz has directed a show that reflects contemporary tastes without throwing away the traditions of a real panto – and I love that, I want to cheer and boo. Not only does the show have a new script it has all new music too and great choreography, way better than the usual nonsense served up as a Christmas treat. Emporium are proving to be a great force in the city’s theatre scene and have certainly kicked panto in the pants and back to life.

Emporium, 7 December 2013
Rating: ★★★★★
Andrew Kay

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  1. We are so delighted that Andrew enjoyed “Cinders” so much. The show runs until January 4th..

  2. December 20, 2013 by Melanie Needham

    Went to see Cinders today 20/12/13 and enjoyed every minute! Brilliant job by all and better than the Panto I saw last year at The Mayfloower Southampton!
    Up close and personal, magic.

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