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- February 28, 2014

Midlake at St. George’s Church were always going to be magical, yet still they managed to crank up the majesty. With Eric Pulido stepping forward to fill the breach after Tim Smith ditched vocal duties – and the band – in 2012, Midlake spun their beguiling sonic wash, entrancing all (well almost everyone: hopefully the heckler was the only one to leave feeling short-changed). Wasting no time in pulling new single ‘Antiphon’ out of the hat (song number two of the night) the reconfigured line-up had no need for apologies or affirmations: Midlake – like the genres of old that infuse the material – clearly lives on.

St. George’s Church, 27 February 2014
Rating: ★★★★☆
Kelly Westlake

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