Friday, November 22

Like Rabbits

- May 16, 2014

Elegance, poetry and cohesive thinking, get it right and this kind of modern dance works. And work it does. Like Rabbits is smart, Ino Riga has the ability to slide from fluid to angular effortlessly, seductive and coy one minute and powerful and manipulative the next. Ben Duke moves from crowing macho male to controlled sex partner with ease. Attraction, passion, erotic power, familiarity and then… then the inevitable descent into the mundane nature of a relationship when the initial lust wanes. Stunningly staged, showing the Corn Exchange to great advantage, and beautifully lit, Like Rabbits is taught, compact and moving. It even pays homage to Leon Bakst with fabulous costumes. A very satisfying 50 minutes of modern performance.

Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome, 15 May 2014
Rating: ★★★★★
Andrew Kay

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