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Red Bastard

- May 19, 2014

Red Bastard is a controversial figure, grotesque and provocative, playful and aggressive, performer and audience. Conductor of the ramshackle orchestra that was the audience, this was part performance part workshop as every member of the audience was taken out of their comfort zone and into discomfort, with constant stimuli and mild paranoia Red Bastard’s trusted tools to liberate us of our daily shackles and take us closer to personal freedoms. Like most interactive shows, you get out of this what you put into it, and with Red Bastard’s no holds barred attitude woe betide anyone who doesn’t take the leap he demands, through a grimace, and commit. It is because of this attitude that the show has split audiences and critics so – but love it or loathe it nobody comes out bored or unaffected. Grasp the thorns and smell the roses.

Komedia, 16 May 2014
Rating: ★★★★☆
Victoria Nangle

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