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Brighton Noise

- August 26, 2014

There is a wealth of great bands kicking about Brighton at the moment, so we are going to train our microscope largely on them this week. 

There is a tremendous indiepop scene in the South East at the moment. Well, there always is, but we are at high-watermark at the moment. Don’t take our word for it. Situate yourself within the The Prince Albert on Tuesday and get completely swept up in Ravioli Me AwaySlum of LegsPlaylounge and Men Oh Pause. We promise a boredom-free zone, or your money back.* 

Ravioli Me Away

On Thursday at The Haunt are the great bastions of all things post-rock, This Will Destroy You. Even the undiscovered tribes of Borneo know how fantastic they are live; why shouldn’t music go from being uncomfortably quiet, to threateningly LOUD? They have been going for a staggering nine years. Feeling very old …

On Friday is one of Lout’s Brighton Rocks nights. Five bands for four quid, can’t argue with that. It’s a kerayzee mish-mash of what is coming up in Brighton. All fresh-faced and enthusiastic. If you want to stand in Wembley Stadium in 2019 and gloat, “I saw them at Sticky Mike’s first blah blah blah”, then this may be your chance! This Week features Bleed AgainShip of GoldSmokin’ AcesHell Puppets and Aim Low.


Gospel punks ARX are tearing it up at the Hope on Saturday, a fine tuned mix of garage rock and gospel. All pounding vocals and seductive drumming, or perhaps the other way around? They won’t be playing little clubs forever – catch them now. Support from Odd RivalState of the Masses and The Modes.

Finally, on Sunday is the not-wholly-fun sounding Unfun Fest at Green Door Store. It promises “a full day event of punk ‘n’ roll”. We here at Brighton Noise have no reason to disbelieve that. ‘Punk ‘n’ roll’ sounds like a great idea! Curiously, there are going to be very ethically minded vegan doner kebabs on sale. Even as card carrying omnivores, we reckon they look top notch.

– Chris Kuzmiski

*You probably won’t get your money back.

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