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‘Archipelago’, an exhibition by Rebecca Harris

- October 10, 2014

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The Naked Eye Gallery are delighted to announce an exceptional, emotive photographic exhibition by artist, photographer, musician and poet, Rebecca Harris. In her exhibition ‘Archipelago’, Rebecca invites the viewer to see the world from her own abstract viewpoint and to heighten our awarenesses of our environment by embracing a new perspective, which largely goes unnoticed by many people. Through her work, Rebecca endeavours to connect with the viewer on a profoundly intimate level and hopes to encourage people to question and extend their own peripheries, to see no limitations, and to depart from her work perceptibly altered.

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Rebecca is a lifelong, self-taught artist who attributes her skills to receiving an elective assortment of precious knowledge and advice passed on from exceptional individuals she has met through the years, and her constant desire to learn and discover. This thirst for knowledge, which she describes as an ‘eternal flame’, is central to the work she produces today.

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Rebecca draws inspiration from every aspect of her life including the subconscious, dreams, rituals, death, nature, intimacy, pioneers and the philosophical constructs and unexplainable complexities of this cyclical existence. With this inspiration, Rebecca utilises a range of mediums including poetry, photography and fine art to draw attention to the things that are lost, to extract the beauty from the darkness and crystalize the ceremony of reforming and remembering. Her work often derives from turning the mirror onto herself, meticulously studying her islands and the interior of her mind and heart to conjure strong, abstract imagery. She states: ‘Akin to Rimbaud, I have consumed all of my life’s poisons through the disorganisation of all the senses, and kept their quintessences’.

The Archipelago exhibition runs at the Naked Eye Gallery, 5 Farm Mews, Farm Road, Hove, BN3 1GH from Saturday 11 October – Saturday 25 October 2014.

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