Tuesday, January 26

The Jest and Guests

- November 4, 2014

A sketch show consisting of five comedians. Most memorable moment was a particularly convincing impersonation of Maggie Smith coming from a bearded and slightly sweaty member of the cast (Luke Theobald). Also burned onto my retinas is the image of one member of the five piece (Tristan Rogers) picking a rather bemused audience member and performing an intentionally stunted and awkward strip tease. I laughed many, many times; a few times just at the facial expressions one Bryony Twydle made. These guys have great timing, and a talent for articulating absurd trends in what we see on television. Highly recommended.

Otherplace at Bar Broadway (Formerly Upstairs at Three & Ten), 1 November 2014
Rating: ★★★★☆
Kirsten Brown

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