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‘Naomi’s Flight’ at The Old Market

- November 7, 2014

Naomi’s Flight is flying with pride for Dementia Care Matters in Brighton. Dementia Care Matters is bringing this In-Flight Theater production from the USA to the UK for the very first time. There will be four performances this November which will be held at The Old Market Theatre, in Hove.

Naomi’s Flight combines theatrical storytelling with daring aerial acrobatics on three suspended metal sculptures, to present an intensely personal drama and often humorous perspective of a family coping with age, diabetes and dementia. Mara Neimanis draws on her own experience of her mother’s diabetes and dementia and her 81 year old father’s challenges as the primary caregiver for her mother, to reveal the enduring bonds and obligations of love as well as a world that is both upside down and inside out.

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In-Flight Theater’s brand of aerial theatre is sometimes performed inches above the floor, or sometimes 15 feet up on suspended steel sculptures. This creates a physical context to turn what could be mere spectacle into a moving and uninhibited narrative about the nature of memory, the struggles of caregivers and the descent into dementia. Naomi’s Flight takes the personal and makes it universal, as the journey of care giving begins for the baby boom generation.

The first performance will be part of the 9th UK Dementia Congress (UKDC) which is being held at the Brighton Hilton Metropole on Monday 10 November. This performance is being sponsored by Bupa, Brunelcare and Pegasus. The three public performances of Naomi’s Flight are on Tuesday 11, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 November 2014 at 8.30pm, with a ticket price of £12.50. Tickets can be booked with The Old Market: http://theoldmarket.com/

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