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An Audience with King Henry VIII

- May 25, 2016

Ross Gurney-Randall played a magnificent Henry VIII in this fabulous one-man show. He thundered on stage in crown, robe, nightshirt – and oozing, gammy leg. The context of King Henry’s address is inspired; it turns out that he’s dead. This clever device facilitates a genuine revelation of his ‘true’ inner thoughts, both lovely and obnoxious. We were led from one reflection to another, be it wives, syphilis, children, heritage, wars, religion or jousting (among other things). These heaps of insightful musings were carefully chosen, impeccably organised and woven together by the writers to lay the man open to our scrutiny. Excellent writing was complimented by Gurney-Randall’s polished, commanding performance that gave it to us from the horse’s mouth. The show ended to tumultuous applause.

Bosco Theatre, Monday 23 May 2016
Rating: ★★★★★
Fleur Shorthouse

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