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The Two Gentlemen Of Verona

- May 26, 2016

As West Side Story took the tale of Romeo And Juliet to a new era, this production transports The Two Gentlemen Of Verona to 1966, with all of its fashions, dance, music, and cult of youth and revolution changing with the winds and capturing the imagination with possibilities.

Shakespeare’s story of a friendship splintered by the love of a girl – as well as the discarded lady lover left behind by the dazzle of the new, sits well in this period of sexual liberty and burgeoning women’s lib, and of change too slow for some.

The Globe Theatre’s production is fresh and impressive, with a fine cast drawing you in to this improbable tale skilfully making it both believable and captivating. The set and masterful syncing between 1960s music as the classic Shakespearean trope of a ‘note’, the movement and multi-platform interactions and choreography, all came together seamlessly. Telling a story of both fickleness and enduring love with a light touch that delivered laughter and an articulately silent heartbreak, this production beautifully gifting the previously muted Julia and Sylvia with the last word. Real class, creating a show that can be seen again and again.

Brighton Open Air Theatre, 25 May 2016
Rating: ★★★★★
Victoria Nangle

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