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British Airways i360: Soaring into the sky: the pod reaches its maximum height for the first time

- June 20, 2016

British Airways i360 reached a major milestone this week when the pod reached its maximum height of 138 metres for the first time, as testing and commissioning continue towards the attraction’s opening this summer.BAi360-pod-to-full-height-(004)
For everyone in our office (based in a cabin on the beach), this has been the most exciting phase to witness since the tower build last summer, and we have all stopped work regularly to take a look!
Technicians with a head for heights could be seen on the crow’s nests, temporarily installed on the top of the pod, carrying out checks on the cladding and the busbar trunking behind it which enables electrical current to be distributed up the tower and into the pod. Further tests were being carried out inside the pod, at the top of the tower, on the counterweight inside the tower, in the control room and in the machine room.
The pod is amazing and really transforms the tower: It looks like a futuristic spaceship has landed in Brighton! The mirrored underside of the glass is particularly beautiful reflecting the West Pier toll booths beneath. I’m looking forward to seeing how the pod will be gently lit at night once we open and being “parked” at the top overnight.
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