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Balletboyz – Life

- October 13, 2016

Balletboyz, the acclaimed 10 strong all male contemporary dance company, were back to perform their new show ‘Life’ which takes a powerful yet elegant and provocative look at life and death. The first part of this double bill shows the audience loneliness courtesy of Swedish choreographer Pontus Lidberg. Two dancers, one wearing a large furry rabbit’s head, show us lovely flawless mesmerising threads of movement. The simplicity of shape and form matches the slow, sad Górecki soundtrack.

The second part is Fiction, the beautifully narrated obituary tells us the ‘death’ belongs to choreographer Javier De Frutos, impaled on a shard of his own scenery — it’s not true but it’s a good ruse for a piece. While we listen, the dancers weave around a practice barre in the centre of the stage with quick, intricate synchronised moves, breaking off for brief forays into romance, confrontation and Donna Summer. Fiction boasts a memorable final moment that says life is worth living.

Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, 12 October 2016

Rating: ★★★★☆

Lesley Lawrence

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