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The Lion King

- October 25, 2016

8. symbaThis week, meet Symba the Chow Chow, who is owned by Neil Driver…

“Symba is four and half years old and we have had him since he was 12 weeks old. When we first met him, he was one of three – two boys and a girl. We came along just in time to take him home, as the others had been snapped up already!

“He was quite tiny when we got him and would fit into an Ikea blue bag in which we carried him around until he was old enough to walk around on his own after his inoculations. The Chow Chow breed comes from China and in olden times Chinese gentry ate them as a delicacy.

“He’s very inquisitive and will stand and watch what people are doing for ages, but will not let anyone touch him at all (except for his daddy and uncle). He loves the attention of people looking at him and knows to look at people when they are talking about him, but will not let them touch him, he turns away. But once they walk off he will stand and look at them and then us as if to say “what was all that about?”.

“His kennel club name is Winston King Stanley but we named him Symba because of his little lion cub features when he was a puppy. He gets called and answers to a variety of names now though, including: Daddy’s Little Soldier, Our Little Monkey and most often Simpson! I think that should have been his name.”

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