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The Space: A journey into space

- December 13, 2016


Film fans should attend next month’s unique event at the Latest Music Bar: The Space. There’s a great line-up, discussing their careers and achievements, director Mike Hodges and producer Tony Garnett. Hodges is best known for the classic films Flash Gordon and Get Carter. Garnett is behind the highly popular Kes and the groundbreaking television drama Cathy Come Home.

Wayne Imms told us more: “I conceived The Space back in 2006. It’s been an ongoing challenge, but we’ve had such a consistently superb range of guests in an intimate environment. My highlights include comedians Frank Skinner and Barry Cryer, Glastonbury Festival’s Michael Eavis and editor Terry Rawlings (Alien, Blade Runner), who’s now a good friend.”

“Partly due to Brighton Film School being our sponsor, most are film-related, including our next two, of course. Many people love 1980’s camp Flash Gordon, directed by Mike Hodges with memorable music by Queen. He’ll discuss making the film and perhaps working with famous bearded actors Brian Blessed and Topol. We’ll hear him on his other classic, Get Carter. Starring Michael Caine, it’s one of the most popular and grittiest British films of all time. While writing this, I’m thinking that I should see it again; it’s been a long time and it’d be fab to watch again.”

It’ll be fascinating to hear about the filmmakers’ work

“Kes is a film that, despite it coming out in 1969, the year I was born, I only saw fairly recently. Released two years before Get Carter, it’s also one of the most popular British films ever. It’ll be interesting to hear from producer Tony Garnett on how it was made. Both guests are now in their eighties and have done a lot in their lives; so it’ll be fascinating to hear about their work.”

The Space is held on Tuesday January 17th, Latest Music Bar,
Doors at 7:30pm, thespace.uk.com

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