Friday, November 17

Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, Rebecca Bottone (soprano), Stephen Bell (conductor)

- January 1, 2017

What better than Viennese Waltzes to say that all is right with the world? When played with the panache and humour that Maestro Bell enticed from Our Philharmonic, I’m almost ready to believe them! A capacity audience, eager for entertainment, wasn’t event put off by his terrible ‘cracker’ jokes. The jolly percussion (cuckoo pipes, castanets, rimshots) and Rebecca Bottone kept the comedy bright. Her eyes sang on when the orchestra swamped her lower register but then her laser-accurate stratospheric coloratura soared out to bring the house down each time. John Bradbury’s Kreisler solo brought a touch of romance. Happy 2017!

Dome Concert Hall, 31 December 2016
Rating: ★★★★½
Andrew Connal

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