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Latest TV: Shining the spotlight on local and global LGBT stories with Queer Say

- March 27, 2017


Throughout the world LGBT rights vary wildly with many people throughout the world not enjoying the freedoms that we experience here in the UK. Even in our own country there are still people that attack us both physically and with words, through the internet and press, simply because of who we are.

Now a new TV show on Latest LGBT+ will be shining the spotlight on some of those stories and discussing the issues that face LGBT people at home and globally.

Presented by my good friend Andrew Kay and myself, Queer Say features news stories and lively, sometimes controversial, discussion with a studio guest. 

We’ve already covered stories from as far afield as Australia and Kemptown

We’ve already covered stories from as far afield as Australia and Kemptown, and diverse subjects that include HBT bullying, mental health, trans rights and the ongoing policies of and resistance to Donald Trump’s administration.

No subject is off limits and I’m sure there’s some heated discussions ahead of us so tune in each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9.30pm and again at 1.30am for the very best LGBT current affairs and chat.

In fact if there’s any stories you’ve read that you’d like to see us discuss then please email me at
Queer Say, Wednesdays 9.30pm & 1.30am, on Latest TV via Freeview 7, Virgin Media 159 or

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