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Al Murray: Let’s Go Backwards Together

- April 10, 2017

You certainly cannot flaw Al Murray for his generosity: excluding the interval the show comfortably ran to approximately two hours including some singalongs with a full band, and a lot of audience participation. Sadly, the audience barbing and goading, although funny at points, ran on far too long and also disrupted the momentum of the thinly spread actual routines. There were some brilliant moments, such as an extended rant about the amount of nationalities who have come en masse to the UK over the years, skewering the notion that we are overrun or overburdened by immigrants. The show was very funny at times, but felts like a missed opportunity: more focus on his passionate ideas and fewer participatory interludes could have made a big difference.

Theatre Royal Brighton, 9 April 2017
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Joe Fuller

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